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  • If there's one thing we get requests for all the time, it's how to make your own bumpidoodle. While we never share our secrets, we can't help but give our customers what they want. We ... read more »

    DIY Benji Bear Bumpidoodle!


  • We've all been there- as kids get older, they start to question our rules more and more. It’s how they learn, and we love them for it. So when summertime rolls around and our kids sta... read more »

    Does Bedtime Change In The Summer?


  • As we said last week, Summer is the time for fun in the sun! When the heat goes up, the swimsuits come out. There’s not much than relaxing in a cool pool of water in the warm summer a... read more »

    Water Safety Tips


About Bumpidoodle

The bumpidoodle brand was created, designed and continues to be developed in the USA. A six year old girl named Ellison from Minnesota thought of the name “bumpidoodle”. She wanted there to be lots of friends so they could all play together.... Read More »

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